Patent Trial Program Emerges Intact From Supreme Court Row

Authored Brian S. Mudge

In its first decision addressing the post-grant patent trial program recently established by Congress, the Supreme Court in Cuozzo1 has given a resounding victory to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Rejecting a challenge to the PTO’s handling of these new proceedings, the ruling confirms that the Office has broad powers to determine how the cases will be tried and the standards used to govern them. As a result, patent owners will continue to face a difficult path before the PTO in defending challenges to patent validity — one that, to date, has proven to be significantly more hazardous than the courts to patentees.

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Supreme Court to Hear Review of AIA Trial

Authored by Brian S. Mudge

In a high profile case that has been watched closely by the patent community, the Supreme Court decided on January 15 to hear its first review of a PTAB trial under the AIA. The case, Cuozzo Speed Techs, LLC v. Lee, involves the first IPR petition filed with the PTAB, and the first appellate decision on an AIA trial by the Federal Circuit. Cuozzo Speed involves two key issues which have been hotly debated since the PTAB began hearing IPRs and other post-grant proceedings under the AIA, and which sparked a lengthy dissent at the Federal Circuit: (1) whether the “broadest reasonable interpretation” (BRI) is the proper standard for construing the claims of the patent under review, and (2) whether the Board’s decision to institute trial is unreviewable on appeal.

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